French artist doing comics and hand drawings while travelling, capturing moments, people, feelings, architecture


I drew these portraits as I was stuck in HK airport because of the movement, while I was flying between Sydney and Paris with a stop in Hong Kong.  I knew about the manifestations but thought it was just happening during the weekend, so I didn’t really worry about it when I arrived on Monday morning the 12th of August.

I had a 9 hour layover, so I planned to go visiting the city during the stop, but when I landed I asked people around me if it’s safe or not to leave and they all said  “no don’t go it’s dangerous since what happened on the 11th.”

I decided to leave the security area to ask other people outside, then met nice young protesters explaining me it’s not unsafe for me as a European tourist to go out. But when I wanted to take the train it was completely crowded, impossible to go out because of the amount of protesters.

So I started to meet with them, asking them why they are here, what do they want to do, (...)  and if they allow me to draw them?

It was very interesting as a human experience, but also from an artistic point of view to draw all these faces with masks, to draw “half faces”.

Basically, I’m an interior architect and an artist. I decided to leave France last December because I realized I didn’t take enough time to do illustrations and all the projects I had in mind.

I did the “portraits with no faces” (as I called it referencing the name “a movement with no faces”) during 2 days, as my flight was cancelled and I had to sleep in the airport. I did these drawings while sitting with protesters and talking with them. It was very fast drawing, with poor materials- most of the portraits were made on the white side of protesting papers they gave me.


-Alice Gone