Founded in 1998 by two Williamsburg artists looking to design streetwear that reflected what they live and see every day, Brooklyn Industries stays true to this vision.


The free-spirited creativity, artistry, and true grit of 1990s Brooklyn is woven into every stitch and felt in our smart and meaningful designs. And while our neighborhood - like our products - continues to evolve, Brooklyn Industries remains rooted in the mission to live, work, and create no matter what.


Since our start, Brooklyn Industries has been of the community, for the community. A team of artists and creative thinkers came together to form the foundations of a brand that has since become synonymous with NYC streetwear. And while we stay dedicated to old-school quality, we’re taking a new-school approach to sustainability with energy and resource-saving production processes and fabrics.


Brooklyn Industries continues to create iconic styles rooted in the Brooklyn tradition of diversity, authenticity, and the unique hustle that separates them from any other borough and any other brand. We’re still making art every day.
Join the movement.